Code Book

The Code Book includes all town codes and ordinances pertaining to everything from loitering, building codes, grass & weeds, water, sewer, etc. As ordinances are updated, the online code is updated, however, it is recommended that you call town hall to verify a code or an ordinance.

In the absence of clearly defined boundaries, adjacent portions of what is now Delaware were presumed to be part of the grant given in 1632 to Charles Calvert, the first Lord Baltimore, by Charles I. Therefore, it is not surprising to learn that the first white settlers in what is now south western Sussex County, Delaware, came from the Colony of Maryland which had its capital at St. Mary's on the western shore of the Chesapeake Bay.

DEFINITIONS NOTE: For the convenience of the Code user, all terms defined in this Code are included in the Index under the heading "Definitions."

The Code - Part 1

Planning Commission, Salaries & Compensation, Voting, Animals, Brush, Grass, & Weeds, Building Construction, and Buildings Unsafe

Cable Television

Housing Standards

Code 112- 157

Vehicles and Traffic

Vehicles, Inoperable

Standard Specifications And Details For Public Works Construction