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Update 3-30-20


To alleviate any questions or concerns in regards to the town’s daily operations during the COVID 19 Pandemic, please be advised of the following:
We are in constant communication with the Governor’s Office. We have communicated with other municipalities, Sussex County and State Government on their current operation policies are following many of the same operational policies.  
Town office buildings are closed to the public, however the town staff will be working to provide the essential services to our residents.
Town Administration Offices are open to provide administrative services and answer any questions the public may have.
Town Alderman’s Court is open for individuals needing to pay Alderman Court fines.  To follow suit with the State Courts, Alderman Court cases scheduled through April 15, 2020 have been rescheduled.
Town Public Works, Water and Wastewater will continue to operate to provide the essential services to our residence, to include town maintenance, clean and safe drinking water and treated wastewater.
Town Code Enforcement will continue to operate to provide building inspections to contractors, review plans, answer code and zoning questions and enforcement of town codes and ordinances.
Town Police will continue to operate to provide safety and enforcement of all laws to our residents.
During this pandemic ALL laws, codes, and ordinances will be enforced.  However, town staff will be taking precautionary measures to reduce the risk of being infected with and/or spreading COVID 19.   As everyone is aware, COVID 19 is a rapidly fast spreading virus.  The town departments work closely together to provide services for our citizens and we understand the importance of continuing to provide these essential services, i.e. law enforcement, treated wastewater, safe drinking water, administrative services, code issues, etc. The health and safety of our staff and the continuation of these essential services is the town’s number one priority.  By taking precautionary measures and making adjustments to daily operation without there being a reduction of services, it is our goal to prevent the spread of this virus to any staff member, and potentially it spreading through the entire town staff, which would be devastating to the daily operations and providing essential services to our citizens.  
It is our hope that everyone is understanding to our adjusted operations and precautionary measures during this pandemic.  
Should you have any questions, please contact the town offices at 302-875-2277 and request to speak with the specific department.  


Please do not flush any of the following as they do not break down, will clog sewer lines and jam pumps:

Baby wipes
Clorox or disinfectant wipes
Cleaning wipes
Paper towels
Trash of any kind.

Based on recent recommendation from the State of Delaware and Delaware public health experts, the Town of Laurel is implementing the following measures to slow the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19):
 Until further notice, Town of Laurel buildings and offices will be closed to the general public immediately.  This includes Town Hall, Town Administrative Offices, Public Works Building, and Water and Wastewater Treatment Facilities.  The Town Manager, in consultant with the Mayor and Council, will evaluate continued office closures as needed, and will determine when the buildings will reopen to the public.
 Town of Laurel Alderman’s Court will continue to serve customers and hold already scheduled court cases.  Should you have any symptoms of such virus, please contact the Alderman’s Court (302-875-2855) to have your court case continued.  Payments can be made online at courtpay.delaware.gov 
 Town of Laurel Police Department, Water and Wastewater crews will continue to respond to calls.  Contact non-emergency police dispatch at 302-855-2980 and after-hours utilities emergencies at 302-236-6299.  In the event of an emergency, call 911.
 Laurel residents are encouraged to use the Town’s website (www.townoflaurel.net) payment portal option for making utility billing payments.  Payments may also be made by US mail and the drop box located at the Town office or by phone. 
Town staff will continue to work on site while offices remain closed to the public.  If you have questions for staff member, Town staff will be available through telephone 302-875-2277.Essential in-person meetings with Town staff may be arranged by appointment.  Please call the department you need to meet with to arrange an appointment time. 
If you have questions, please contact town office at 302-875-2277. 
POSTED 3-16-20

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